See the Nigerian Town Freed From Boko Haram 

Time LightBox - March 2015 

Bama, Nigeria, is now a ghost of a town. 

Rory Peck Awards Shorts: Nichole Sobecki - 'Westgate Mall Attack' 

Channel 4 - November 2014 

Nichole is a finalist in this year’s Rory Peck Awards, which celebrate the freelance cameramen and women who bring the world's stories to our screens. 

Rory Peck Awards 2014 News Finalist: Nichole Sobecki 

The Independent - October 2014 

Kenya: Westgate Mall documents one of Africa's most chilling attacks 

The killing fields of South Sudan 

AFP - March 2014 

Nairobi-based AFPTV journalist Nichole Sobecki's reporting from South Sudan included a visit to the town of Bor, where hundreds of civilians were slain. 

South Sudan slides from exuberance to catastrophe 

AFP - January 2014 

Nairobi-based AFPTV journalist Nichole Sobecki visits South Sudan, a country that less than three years ago celebrated its independence but today stands on the brink of civil war. 

Why I went in to the Nairobi mall  

BBC - September 2013 

Video journalist Nichole Sobecki tells her story of covering Nairobi's Westgate mall attack. 

A Tiny Life Ends in South Sudan 

NYTimes Lens - August 2012 

The death of a young boy tells the story of a humanitarian disaster in South Sudan's Upper Nile state, where at least 114,000 have fled violence at the hands of Sudan government forces in bordering Blue Nile state.