Kenyans take up arms to save wildlife 

AFP - August 2014 

As poaching decimates Africa's elephant and rhino populations - thousands were killed in the past year alone - wildlife reserves in Kenya are increasingly taking up arms to save their wildlife. 

The Cancer Divide: Tzippy 

NYTimes - November 2013 

Tzippy, 38, an Orthodox Jew and a mother of seven children, recounted the choices she faced after testing positive for a genetic mutation associated with breast cancer. 

The Cancer Divide: Jessy 

NYTimes - October 2013 

Jessy Acen, 30, who has advanced breast cancer, contends with her own poverty and with Uganda's limited resources in her fight to stay alive. 

End of the line for Kenya's 'lunatic express' 

AFP - October 2013 

An ambitious deal between Kenya and China to build a new railway across the country may spell the end of the line for East Africa's first train link that once connected coastal Mombasa to landlocked Uganda.  

Les Masaï veulent devenir une marque déposée 

Le Monde - August 2013 

Des dizaines de sociétés utilisent le nom des Masaï et l'image de ce peuple kényan dans des campagnes pour mettre en avant leurs produits. Face à ce qu'ils perçoivent comme une usurpation, des Masaï veulent prendre des mesures pour protéger leur "marque". 

Charity helps former child soldiers on the road to recovery 

BBC - August 2013 

Children who are forced to serve as soldiers in conflict zones are often severely traumatised by their experiences and face a long road to recovery should they manage to escape. But a charity in the northern Ugandan district of Gulu is helping former child soldiers, so they can successfully reintegrate with their families and communities. 

Amish-Mennonite community offers aid in Kenya 

AFP - July 2013 

They're usually known for living in rural areas of North America, but an Amish-Mennonite community living in western Kenya is providing aid programs to those who accept their faith. 

Kenyan prison introduces yoga to help prisoners 

BBC - May 2013  

Yoga classes in Langata Women's Prison in Nairobi, Kenya, are inspiring both inmates and teacher. 

Somali medica: From gunshot wounds to hernias 

BBC - May 2013 

Staff at the Medina Hospital in Mogadishu more used to treating war-related injuries are now trying to adjust to the peacetime needs of its patients. 

Lions lose out as Kenyans encroach on their territory 

BBC - April 2013 

Conservationists fear that Kenya's lions could soon die out completely unless urgent action is taken to preserve the species 

Hope and Fear in Kenya's Elections 

NYTimes - March 2013 

Five years after ethnic violence swept through Kenya’s Rift Valley, Jeffrey Gettleman returns to see how a new election could affect the still-scarred region. 

The Reaction in Kenya 

NYTimes - March 2013 

Jeffrey Gettleman reports from Kibera, a part of Nairobi that was a flashpoint of violence during Kenya’s last presidential election. This time, things are tense but there has been no violence so far. 

On Location: Mogadishu Steps Back to Life 

GlobalPost - December 2011 

Somalia's war-torn capital returns to life, amid hunger and strife. 

Driven by Drought 

NYTimes - July 2011 

Having already suffered years of war, many Somalians are now fleeing the most severe drought the region has known in 60 years. 

The World's Newest Nation 

NYTimes - July 2011 

South Sudan has hopes and fears as it declares its independence. 

Southern Sudan's Referendum 

NYTimes - January 2011 

Locals reflect on what the vote to make the region of Southern Sudan fully independent from the rest of the country means to them 

The Battle Against AIDS is Failing 

NYTimes - May 2010 

The battle against AIDS in Africa is beginning to fall apart. Money is running out. While middle-income countries like India and Brazil may be able to save themselves, the future here in the heart of Africa looks bleak.  

The Sacred and Secular Mix in Turkey's Museums 

NYTimes - May 2010 

Turkey's divisions are on display in Istanbul's Museums. 

Opening the "death wells" of Turkey 

GlobalPost - August 2009 

An investigation into a shadowy force suspected of killing PKK supporters has shed light on a recent dark chapter in Turkey's past.