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Sun-baked battlefields of Africa's 'forgotten' WWI battles 

AFP - August 2014 

Runaways to runway: 'ethical' fashion changing lives in Africa 

AFP - August 2014 

State of the Union: In Topeka, Kansas, a 'new generation of poverty' feels rising inequality 

GlobalPost - February 2013 

In a deeply red state that is also part of President Obama's heritage, residents grapple with the government's inability to stem America's rising inequality. 

Glaring class disparity gains attention ahead of Kenya's presidential election 

GlobalPost - February 2013 

President Obama's focus on income inequality in America resonates with many in the land of his father. 

Turkish soap opera Noor brings tourist boom to Istanbul 

The Guardian - August 2010 

Turkey received 105,000 Arab visitors in May, up 33% on last year, also aided by more relaxed visa requirements 

Turkey faces legal challenge over YouTube ban 

The Guardian - July 2010 

Internet rights group claims restrictions on access to Google-owned sites illegally discriminate against users 

Turkey, Armenians and the word "genocide" 

GlobalPost - April 2010 

As Armenians stop to reflect on Ottoman-era mass killings, a survivor quietly moves on. 

All aboard the Anatolia 'Express' 

GlobalPost - August 2009 

It isn't fast, but the Güney Expresi affords passengers a view of another Turkey altogether. 

Turkey welcomes Obama 

GlobalPost - April 2009 

Nation of Muslims looks forward to improved relations with US. 

Trial or witch hunt? Ergenekon plot thickens 

GlobalPost - February 2009 

The trial of alleged plotters in a coup to overthrow the government has again stirred talk of a "deep state" with designs on power. 

The writing on the wall says 'Beirut Never Dies' 

The Daily Star - March 2007 

Graffiti artists in Lebanon's capital are going strong - with a refreshing message